Eda Marchetti
Research Interests
Software Testing is the broad term that can better characterize my research activities and interests.
In particular I am strongly interested in research aiming at introducing novel methodologies for testing emerging software technologies.
A strong motivation in my activities is the will of introducing sound techniques for the automatic, and model based, derivation of test cases. In my work, I generally considered models expressed using the Unified Modeling Language.
Most of the work that I carried on during my PhD has been oriented on Software testing with a general aim: put research in practice.
Thus the methods I proposed were the fruits of many constructive discussions with project managers, testers and developers, who bring up real necessities not yet satisfied thoroughly by the researches performed so far.

In particular my original contribution was focused on:
  • providing an original approach for scheduling the testing activities and distributing people and resources among them considering a multiproject environment. The methodology relies on the combination of classical performance engineering techniques and the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
    (Journals ([BBMM03], [BMM07]), Internat. Conf. and Works. ([BBMM02], [BMM02], [BLMM02]), Techn. Rep. ([BBMM01], [BMM03]), Others ([BMM04b]));
  • defining a tool which supports the user both in the choice of the most important software elements on which the testing effort must be concentrated, and in the automatic generation of the appropriate test cases by using the available UML product specification (Internat. Conf. and Works. ([BBM01a], [BBMRLN01], [BBM02], [BILM03], [BMP03], [BMM04a], Techn. Rep. ([BBM01b]), Others ([BBLNMR04]));
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the testing techniques applied, while the tests are executed, in order to decide when stop testing. For this reason methods based on the Bayesian theory have been developed and used also for reliability measures (Journals ([BMMLP02]), Internat. Conf. and Works. ([BLMP98], [BM98], [LPMBM99]), Techn. Rep. ([BLMMP01])).
I have also provided contributions on the e-Learning environment focusing specifically on:
  • the specification of a UML profile for automating and making easier the writing of complex XML schema and Application Profile in the specific case ( Journals ([M05]), Techn. Rep. ([BBM05]));
  • The analysis and the definition of the most suitable objectives and testing techniques to be used into the e-Learning enviroment (Internat. Conf. and Works. [GMP05], [BHMP05])).
Recently I have been starting the analysis and the definition of methodologies for applying Partition Testing to XML Schema, with the purpose of automate the systematic XML instances derivation. XML instances can be used as test cases for several purposes.

Specifically my contribution is focused on:
  • Verifying the interoperability between specific e-Learning applications (Internat. Conf. and Works. ([BGM06], [BGMP06]), Techn. Rep. ([BGMP05]));
  • Defining of a integrated environment for the XSLT Stylesheets verification (Internat. Conf. and Works. [BGMP07a]);
  • Developing an original tool for the automatic application of the XML Schema-based Partition Testing (Internat. Conf. and Works. [BGMP07b], [BGMP07c]).
In the last years I aslo been defining:
  • Techniques based on data-flow diagram for the verifying properties of the Web services composition (Internat. Conf. and Works. [BMP07]), (Book chapter [BBMP08a]).
  • Definition of an integrated framework for verifying the interoperability and the data exchange in clinical environments. (Internat. Conf. and Works. [MB07]).
  • Development of techniques for Service-oriented testing (Internat. Conf. and Works. [BBM08], [BBMP08b]).
  • Value-based techniques for Software validation (Internat. Conf. and Works.[BCMM08]).

For the future I plan to continue the study and if possible to effectively use such technologies in real environments.

Eda Marchetti

Ph.D. Eda Marchetti

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