Advanced Tools and Techniques for the Specification and Verification of Systems with Elevated Granularity




CNR-RSTL project
FM&&T group  CNR-ISTI
Pisa, IT
Friday April 16th, 2010.

  • Project Coordinator
  •   M.Massink AT isti.cnr.it

This research project of the FM&&T group is funded by CNR in the context of the programme for Curiosty-driven research (Ricerca Spontanea a Tema Libero).  It is a  highly explorative and preliminary project aiming at verifying the feasibility of developing a larger project on the basis of the outcomes of this preliminary study. The project is also aiming at the acquisition of new expertise by the members of the FM&&T group at CNR-ISTI and to share this expertise with the members of the group.
Last update: April 16, 2010