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By clicking the following button, you accept the terms and conditions of use of the COMES-NOSA software supplied by the Mechanics of Materials and Structures Laboratory of ISTI-CNR (henceforth, "the owner").
The program may only be used for educational and research purposes, and under the following conditions:
COMES-NOSA is for internal use only and may not be redistributed to any party without the prior written consent of the owner. COMES-NOSA may not be sold; it may be used for commercial profit only after a separate license has been granted from the owner. Any modifications and/or additions to the program shall remain the property of the owner unless a prior written agreement has been stipulated with the owner. Due recognition of the owner is to be included in any publication using results obtained with the program. If COMES-NOSA is to be incorporated into any other software, a licensing agreement covering the use of the new program must be obtained from the owner.
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